Useful Little Gadgets

Electronic gadgets make our life entertaining and convenient, that’s why people are so crazy about electronic gadgets. As one kind of the most popular products around the world, they have different pricing so that almost everyone can afford one. On a big time limited promotion for Mother’s Day, has really got some products at appealing prices. Here are some useful little gadgets that can make your life easier but cost less than 1 dollar.

Cartoon heart shaped earphone, USD 0.70

Well, this earphone definitely cannot compete with all the expensive delicate earphones which cost hundred bucks. But this little earphone can satisfy your basic needs to listen to music with clear sound and fair quality. Plus, it is really cute with the heart shape and assorted colors. Actually this earphone was $83.99, but luckily it gets 99% off on a big time limited promotion for Mother’s Day on so this is really a great time to get it if you are in need of a practical earphone.

Cat Shape Hard Plastic Finger Piercer Self-Defense Keychain, USD 0.65

It looks really cute, right? It is so much more useful than it looks, especially for girls. This is a self-defense keychain that can make some serious injuries to people. You can just attach it to your keychain as a regular decoration and when some bad guys approach you, you can use it as a weapon to protect yourself. Plus, it only needs 0.65 dollar to get one thanks to the big promotion, so why not give it a shot?

Mini Egg White Separator Egg Yolk Separator, USD 0.73

This is a useful kitchen gadget which helps you to separate the yolk from egg white effortlessly. Simply crack an egg in the separator, the egg white would get through while the yolk stays. Useful, cute and fun gadgets, that’s exactly what PickEgg is providing here.

There are many other types of electronic gadgets that cost less than 1 dollar. If you are interested, you can find them on the *.99 zone from the homepage of PickEgg. All products enjoys free shipping and 45 days refund warranty and 1 year exchange.