Tech Gadgets That Represent

Today’s technology is smart and trying to help you be more productive in your day to day lifestyle. Thenew tech gadgets you see around now are super-efficient in form and function which can easily blend with your modern style of living. If you are prone to bring such fancy smart gadgets in your home and life, here’s a look at 10 high tech gadgets that have been released recently. Time to make your life a tad more easy with new technology gadgets by your side. Have a look:

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-860 Rugged Camera

The rugged exterior design of this camera can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough treatment. It comes with built in WiFi and GPS using which you’ll be able to stay up to date with connectivity.

Portable Gaming Environment by GAEMS

It’s a perfect gaming accessory you can use at dorm rooms, barracks or even use to monitor your child’s gaming time. The set allows access to gaming anywhere as well as secures your console, controllers and power supply.

XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable

This XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable can attach to a USB port right side up or upside down. Yes, that’s something Xyra has come up with which measures 1.5 mm and is 50% longer than your standard USB cables.


THE FIRST EXPRESS(a.k.a High-speed) CHARGING INTEGRATED FLASH MEMORY. BRICWAVE™ Xpress integrates its “USB flash drive” and “High-speed charging cable” features in one compact format! BRICWAVE™Xpress users can efficiently recharge mobile devices in just a fraction of the time it takes other charging cables to perform the very same task.

Smfx Smart Bulb

Take control of your home’s lighting with the Smfx Smart Bulb. Available with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, this LED-based bulb lets you adjust the brightness, color, or power status right from your iOS or Android device.

EPIC-id USB Emergency ID Wristband

You deserve to live in a safer place and this EPIC-id USB Emergency ID Wristband will help you get there. These wristbands work as handy gadgets that have been loaded with emergency medical information and makes it super easy to access by first-responders like EMTs, police and firefighters in case of an emergency.

PAVARA Sink Tidy

The FIRST ever stylish rotating sink tidy made exclusively for a modern & minimalist kitchen. Made from polished steel and finished in gloss, let the PAVARA sink tidy add a touch of resplendence to your kitchen.

JAQ – The Future of Portable Charging

The search is over – you’ll never have to plug into a power jack again. Ideal for everyday, on-the-go living, JAQ is completely off-the-grid. It’s always ready power, generated from water and salt contained in a slim power card. When the card is inserted into the charger, hydrogen is produced to fuel up the cell and power you on.


Runcible is a new category of personal electronic which occupies a space between a traditional mobile phone and a wearable device. Featuring a first-of-its-kind fully round screen and a palm-sized form factor, Runcible is modeled on devices humans have carried around with them and loved for hundreds or thousands of years: the pocket watch, the compact, the compass, the magical stone in your hand.

Designer 725 By Blendtec

SmartBlend technology, multi-speed pulse, a 100-speed touch slider, and a sleek, show-stopping design make the Designer 725 the star of any kitchen. The Blendtec Designer 725 boasts the most advanced blending technology ever seen 3.8 peak horsepower motor, Illuminated, capacitive touch interface.