Funny Gadgets and Toys

Do you like funny toys and gadgets? Well, I love to collect such kind of items. They not only could reduce our pressure from work and life, but also could make us laugh and relax when we are in a down mood. Recently, I happened to find PickEgg wholesale electronics supplier. The online shop has selected manyfunny gadgets and toys. The following is my favorite to recommend.

Funny Smart Number Guessing Electric Shocking Party Toy Game

Electric shock toy here don’t cause any harm to a human being. It is ideal for adults that want to impress their friends at parties or for kids who want a little jolt of excitement. The toy allows each person to have a chance to punch in a number between 1 and 99. If your chosen number is the same as the computer, you would be shocked.

Electric Shocking Party ToySound Control Toilet Toy

It is a sound control toy with a witch or a man sitting on the toilet seat. The funny part is that when you press button, the toy will make a sound alike real toilet sound, great for amuse others or make yourself laugh.

Witch Toilet ToyPlastic Banana Box Banana Case – The Best Banana Guard

Have you ever thought anyone invented such item to protect banana from smashing in bag, lunch box or pocket? With this case, I don’t worry how bad my banana would become among crowd. Someone even calls it Banana-Mamoru-kun. Its material is food-grade plastic , so it is no-toxic.

Banana BoxMini Bean Shaped Relax gadget

When your pressure could be held anymore, you might want to squeeze something. This mini bean shaped relax gadget could help alleviate your stress and relax. The strap on the one end offers convenience to be attached to your handbag, cell phones, digital camera or keychain.

Bean Shaped Relax GadgetTooth Shape TPR Ice Tray Ice Cube Maker Box

Wanna made tooth shaped ice cube to amuse your friends or family members? Well, this Tooth Shape TPR Ice Tray Ice Cube Maker Box will help. Made of thermoplastic rubber, it is non-toxic eco-friendly and 100% safe.

Tooth Shape Ice CubeMushroom Cartoon Animation Toy When you see its swelling face, two cute fangs on the mouth, exaggerating eyebrows and two big eyes, you couldn’t help laughing. The expression on the face of this Mushroom Cartoon Animation Toy is so distinctive that you will have an urge to pinch its face.