Cool Gadgets From Your Local Gadget Shop

Modern gadget shop fare is somewhat advanced in comparison to the old “eyeholes in the newspaper” stuff. The budding spy can now get his or her ear attached to some of the most impressive listening device options you’ll ever see – including the “Bionic Ear”, a gadget so cool it featured high up on the Independent’s own list of the 10 coolest spy gadgets in the world. The Bionic Ear lets you tune into faint sounds at a distance of between 20 and 30 metres – and louder sounds at an astonishing 100 metre distance. With the inclusion of a monocular, which has a comparable range to the Ear; and a fine tuning capability so you can zero in on particular sounds, the Bionic Ear is king of the cool gadgets – but only one of a wide range of sound transmission choices available to the man (or woman) in the street.

The listening device you choose is dependent on the kind of surveillance you want to accomplish – and the kind of surveillance you wish to achieve is dependent on the nature of your situation. It would, for example, be inconvenient to try and spy on your boss or your other half at work by sitting on the fire escape and training a Bionic Ear at them. Far less conspicuous in this case is the Mobile Phone Spy Gadget – a superlatively cool gadget available from your local gadget shop for as little as 39.99.

The Mobile Phone gadget looks exactly like an old school Nokia. It works like an old school Nokia, too, but with one very interesting addition to its features – if you call it from a partnered phone (which you have set up), then the phone becomes a listening device, transmitting audio through to your call. Leave it in a desk drawer and you’ll be able to hear exactly what your work mates are saying to you. Drop it in your partner’s handbag or briefcase and you can hear them wherever they go.

If you want to go old school you won’t get much more covert than the “Listen Through Walls” device – a bug that allows you to hear what is being said through physical barriers like concrete walls. Simply place this cool gadget on the barrier you want to hear through, plug in the earpiece, and hear exactly what is being said next door. Simple, classic and extremely effective.

For the sci fi minded there’s little better in the gadget shop than a pair of walkie talkie watches. Slick design and modern style makes the watches the height of city slick: and a simple antenna makes them capable of sending and receiving communications over a minimum 2km operational range. The incorporated listening device has multiple channels for uninterrupted coverage; and a call alert signal to ensure that urgent transmissions are picked up quickly.