Gadgets for Men

Boys and their toys. It is no secret that men go gaga over technology. Even mature men can be reduced to a blubbering wreck with the right gadget. And in today’s world, nearly everything is done with the help of technology and computers. There is a gadget that lets you do pretty much anything you want. Tired of using 3 remotes for your entertainment system? No worries, a universal remote is your solution. Tired of getting up to switch off that light? No worries, there are now light bulbs that can be controlled via smartphone. You think of something that needs to be done, and chances are that there is a gadget that can do it for you.

In this smorgasbord of gadgets, which ones are truly useful, and which ones should you own? Buzzle walks hand in hand with you as you peer into the technological world around you, and gives you a ready list of the gadgets that you should own.

Some of these gadgets have to be owned simply because they are the best, or are just so useful that we have no qualms recommending them to you, while others are so advanced, but for all intents and practices useless, but just begged to be owned. Either way, if you have the moolah, there is no way you will regret buying any of the following gadgets that we recommend. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some gadgets that will make you drool with desire, and perhaps lull or coax you into robbing that bank round the corner. And with technology improving every second, it may well be that this article becomes obsolete just as soon as I finish writing it, so don’t waste any time. Well, you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

7 Gadgets That Beg To Be Owned

Apple iPhone

When it comes to smartphones, the market is flooded with options. The choice you will have while choosing a smartphone is enough for even the smartest of you to go mad. To help you out, and mind, this is not a binding decision, Buzzle thinks that the best you can get today is none other than the iPhone. Though there may be many of you who will disagree with me, the iPhone remains the best constructed and sophisticated phone today. Sure, many have tried to copy it, and many have come close, but we’d have no regrets buying the 5s today, and neither should you. With advanced features like fingerprint scanning and a 64 bit OS, the iPhone is still holing its own in the smartphone market, albeit by a thread.

So if you have been stuck in a cave, and are not in possession of a smartphone (you really should have been through your 3rd or 4th one by now), then go ahead and pick up the iPhone 5s today.

Apple iPod touch

Music is the answer to all problems, right? Well, then you ought to have a good music player to listen to your favorite tunes. This is another area where you can get blinded for choice. It seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry is making a MP3 player these days. And not to forget, almost every phone can play music as well. But we would recommend not to mix your tunes with your calls, and go ahead and spring for a dedicated music player. And to those geniuses who guessed the following, hats off to you. The MP3 player to have today is the Apple iPod touch. Latest generation. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Apple’s latest iPod comes with gargantuan memory, ensuring that you can take your entire music library with you wherever you go. And if you are not in possession of item no. 1 on this list, then you should go post-haste and buy one.

But really, the iPod is a stellar music player, and comes highly recommended. Don’t worry about money not being well spent. As those people in Nike would say (if Apple hired them, of course), Just. Buy. It.

Multitouch Coffee Table from Ideum

Just to make it seem that I’m not an Apple fan, I’m throwing a coffee table into the mix. No, you didn’t get the coffee table part wrong, and I’m not too fussed about being called an Apple fan. But if you’re wondering what a coffee table is doing in this list, prepare to be stunned. Built by Ideum, a company that makes special custom hardware and software, this is one coffee table that you won’t find in any regular furniture shop. The Multitouch Coffee Table, as it is known, is a table that comes with a 1080p display in 2 sizes, 32-inch and 46-inch. This is backed by a 3.7 Ghz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and 500 GB of storage space. Operating systems can range from the quintessential Windows, to the lighter Android 4.4 KitKat. There are a host of other features that makes this the perfect gadget to drool over, and yes, the display surface is spill-resistant.

Remember that bank we spoke about earlier? Well, you might have to do something with that, as this wonderful piece of gadgetry starts from a whopping USD 7,000.

C Seed Kinematics

Back to something more mundane then, though the latest TVs are anything but mundane. In case the words ‘back to’ got you thinking, well, this is not the section where I recommend the Apple TV. Not yet. This space is reserved for something better. And what can be a better TV than Kinematics―the world’s largest outdoor TV. This is a TV, that in the words of the company, is a “TV that raises from the ground, unfolds the world’s largest TV display and adjusts in height and angle for the perfect viewing experience.” This TV, if you can call it that, has a screen that measure a mammoth 201 inches diagonally. That’s about 115 square feet, or the size of a small room. And did we tell you it lives underground? Yep. That’d be true. When you’re done watching, it folds, and retracts back into the ground, where its huge size does not bother anyone.

The cost? At an insane USD 810,000 this gadget probably costs more than your house. But, well, it is designed by Porsche. If you’re done drooling, we’d suggest a infinitely more affordable 4K TV for now, which is manufactured by all leading TV makers. At roughly around USD 5,000, this is still expensive, but is the best practical TV money can buy right now.

PlayStation 4 / Microsoft Xbox One

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, you have to go get Jack one of the latest gaming consoles in the market. How do you choose? Simple, get the one which offers the complimentary ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ game. Jokes aside, the two options that you will have to consider in this category are the Xbox One, and the PS4. Both are robust gaming systems, with all the bells and whistles, and if you are an avid gamer, then your decision should be based on the titles that each have. Fanatics will want to know even the minor differences between the two, though as we mentioned, both are highly capable, and are the latest offerings from the manufactures at the time of writing. They are in the USD 400 to USD 500 price range, and either is a good buy you keep you from becoming dull.

We’d recommend the Xbox over the PS for the simple reason that motion gaming is far easier with Microsoft’s product.

Canon EOS 6D

So that iPhone you should have ordered by now, (really, you still haven’t?) is quite capable of taking good pictures. So why should you buy a camera separately? For one, if you are a serious photographer, then a D-SLR is a must for those perfect pictures. And second, like we said, let your phone be your phone. Its fine to snap off a quick pic or two with it, but imagine how you’d look at a photoshoot just armed with your iPhone. Don’t combine the two, and spring for a good camera that will help keep the memory of your insaner days alive. Even if you are not serious about photography, we think you should have a good point and shoot always at hand. The Canon EOS 6D is a good D-SLR that comes in the under USD 2,000 range, while the Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS is a good point and shoot at under USD 200.

Buy a camera that will last you a while, so look for bells and whistles like integrated Wi-Fi and the like. There are many options, and depending on the money you want to spend, you can decide on the best one.

Lastest gadgets

Electronic devices are a craze in this generation. A decade ago everyone was struggling to play a normal video game or a very basic computer game but now we have sorts of computer games and electronic devices which we had never thought possible back then. We are now flooded with one gadget after the other and everything is better than the last. It is so important to keep ourselves completely updated with the gadget world to stay in the rat race.

We all have heard and played with the various versions of the play station. The latest play station that is still being manufactured is the play station 4. People are already waiting for its release. PS4 is said to have a lot of features that will simply amaze its users. Some of the features that are said to be included in the gadget are as follows

i. The new PS4 will be able to capacitate 32 players online. This feature allows only sixteen at the moment.

ii. next factor is that the games used in play station 4 will only be downloadable and nothing else. This will discourage physical packing of the games.

iii. The processor in the game will be improved to such an extent that  will be 10 times or more, better thanPS3.

Portable media players have also created quite a craze. Portable players are able to carry out functions like being able to store and play files in an audio, video or picture format. There are many brands that are available in this field and all their reviews can be checked on a very reliable source known as the Hi Fireviews. This website has an entire range of reviews for all kinds of gadgets. Coming back to the portable players, here are a few advantages of having one

i. Plays music in the form of MP3 files. Some players have a small display which has various visualizations while music plays. Sometimes the visualizations move according to the beat.
ii. The players can play video files which are in the form of MPEG-4, AVI and eve windows media video.
iii. Even pictures can be stored ad viewed on these players. Pictures are mostly supported in the JPEG format.
iv. In most cases the player also has a small radio station receiver which enables the user to even listen to radio on it.

All in all portable players are nothing but a definite convenience. Very rarely these players even have a little camera attached to it.

The other extensively growing feature is intelligent homes. It is a very common phrase that one might hear these days when sites are being built. If you would like your home to be intelligent, all you have to do is contact certain CEDIA members. They will help you in planning, the designing, the products, an even in the setting up of the systems that will make your home an intelligent home. So you see it is very important to keep yourself up to date so that you know what’s hot and what’s not.

High Tech Gadget

Little did Mr. Ford know that the little black buggy he was making back in the early 90’s would a 100 years later be as sophisticated as the cars of today. Modern day cars are extremely complicated and high tech with some having the computing power greater than the first space shuttle which carried Neil Armstrong to the Moon! Cars today incorporate the latest in silicon technology and it’s the advent of Information Technology which has really given the automobile industry a giant technological leap. As computer chips become cheaper car manufacturers find news ways of integrating them into various functions of the car. Some of the primary technological advancements which have been made in car technology over the past few years are: on board chips in MPFI cars for controlling fuel supply and combustion, safety technologies like airbags, anti lock brakes and seat belt pre tensioners, high tech CVT transmissions, navigation through GPS systems, radar gun scanners, key less entry & theft protection systems & many more.

Some of the most recent technologies which have been introduced include Mercedes active safety technologies which sense when the car is about to have a crash and automatically rolls up the windows tightens the seat belts and inflates the seat cushions to protect the occupants. Then there are automatic headlights which turn on themselves when it gets dark and wipers which turn on automatically when it starts to rain. The list just goes on with seat back massagers, tv and dvd entertainment systems, in car refrigerators, telephone, laptop, sunroofs, heated seats & much much more. There are more gadgets in a car today than there were in an house in the 70’s. Even drivability and handling of a car is controlled by computers, many cars have active air suspensions, traction control systems and active four wheel drive systems.

So when we buy a car today is it just a mode of transport which we are buying? Not really, it’s a mobile relaxation spa for some, a mobile office for other or simply a lifestyle accessory for the rich. One thing is clear, technology is never constant and will continue to amaze us with faster, more sexy and more advanced cars in the future lets keep our eyes on the road.

Apple iPad is Gadget of Choice

But “time flies if you play with this”, he said of the Apple gadget.The iPad was chosen because  that the sumo association believed the device was big enough to cater to wrestler’s fat fingers, unlike the smaller keys on mobile phones, according to reports.

The sport’s authorities faced loud public criticism for their clumsy efforts to investigate the scandals, in part due to insufficient sharing of information among sumo leaders.

With For apple series mobile phone’s trust, the sumo association has occasionally failed to distribute urgent messages to its officers and stable masters.
“If we place this (iPad) in all the stables, we should be able to contact them anytime,” the association’s spokesman Nishonoseki has said.

Extending Reading …

Japanese sumo wrestlers-

Japanese Sumo Wrestling is one of the oldest martial arts in Japan. Sumo wrestlers were a favorite subject on Japanese woodblock prints. In contrast to some of the traditional Japanese art forms like kabuki, which has a heavy stand in today’s world, sumo wrestling is enjoying a rising popularity – comparable to basketball in North America or soccer in Europe.

The images on this page are link-sensitive and take you to other articles or web sites in which you might be interested.

History of Japanese Sumo Wrestling

Sumo has its roots in the shinto religion. The matches were dedicated to the gods in prayers for a good harvest. The oldest written records date back to the 8th century. But it is probably more than 1500 years old.

Sumo prints from the 18th and 19th century prove the popularity of the sport in the past. During the last two decades the art of sumo wrestling could establish itself even outside of Japan. Akebono, an American born in Hawaii, became the first American champion to reach the highest rank.

The Rules of the Game

A sumo wrestling match is accompanied by a lot of traditional ceremony. The marching-in of the wrestlers is a sequence of formal rituals. The wrestlers are accompanied by two assistants – one walking in front and one behind him – the one behind is usually hard to spot.

The referee is clad in a luxurious kimono and wears a strange hat. After performing a series of opening rituals, the contest begins.

The wrestling match is all about pushing or throwing the opponent out of the doyo – the ring – or to bring the other guy down on the floor.

Sumo does not know any weight categories. There are a few basic techniques – from pulling the opponents legs to grabbing his belt and trying to throw or carry the opponent out of the ring.

Funny Gadgets and Toys

Do you like funny toys and gadgets? Well, I love to collect such kind of items. They not only could reduce our pressure from work and life, but also could make us laugh and relax when we are in a down mood. Recently, I happened to find PickEgg wholesale electronics supplier. The online shop has selected manyfunny gadgets and toys. The following is my favorite to recommend.

Funny Smart Number Guessing Electric Shocking Party Toy Game

Electric shock toy here don’t cause any harm to a human being. It is ideal for adults that want to impress their friends at parties or for kids who want a little jolt of excitement. The toy allows each person to have a chance to punch in a number between 1 and 99. If your chosen number is the same as the computer, you would be shocked.

Electric Shocking Party ToySound Control Toilet Toy

It is a sound control toy with a witch or a man sitting on the toilet seat. The funny part is that when you press button, the toy will make a sound alike real toilet sound, great for amuse others or make yourself laugh.

Witch Toilet ToyPlastic Banana Box Banana Case – The Best Banana Guard

Have you ever thought anyone invented such item to protect banana from smashing in bag, lunch box or pocket? With this case, I don’t worry how bad my banana would become among crowd. Someone even calls it Banana-Mamoru-kun. Its material is food-grade plastic , so it is no-toxic.

Banana BoxMini Bean Shaped Relax gadget

When your pressure could be held anymore, you might want to squeeze something. This mini bean shaped relax gadget could help alleviate your stress and relax. The strap on the one end offers convenience to be attached to your handbag, cell phones, digital camera or keychain.

Bean Shaped Relax GadgetTooth Shape TPR Ice Tray Ice Cube Maker Box

Wanna made tooth shaped ice cube to amuse your friends or family members? Well, this Tooth Shape TPR Ice Tray Ice Cube Maker Box will help. Made of thermoplastic rubber, it is non-toxic eco-friendly and 100% safe.

Tooth Shape Ice CubeMushroom Cartoon Animation Toy When you see its swelling face, two cute fangs on the mouth, exaggerating eyebrows and two big eyes, you couldn’t help laughing. The expression on the face of this Mushroom Cartoon Animation Toy is so distinctive that you will have an urge to pinch its face.

What Spy Gadgets

Spy gadgets boast in popularity, as more and more people are aware of the importance of a safe and protected living surrounding. These gadgets were not specific tools used only by professional spies. Somespy gadgets are so common that everyone could have one or several to protect them from various dangers that we are exposed to.

Spy products are perfect items to safeguard property and our loved family members from any harm because spy devices are so ordinary that seldom do people notice them. More over, they are easy to hide or very practical to keep us know some important information. The following spy gadgets are sidekicks for safe and secure living.

Telephone conversation recorders are spy tools which help record disturbing calls which bring you or your family members unhappiness or make you or your family member angry or scare. You could use the recorder to record the content of irritating calls and use it as evidence when you think it is necessary to look for help from police or law.

GPS tracker is also a very practical spy gadget. Two kinds of GPS tracker systems are available today, personal GPS tracker and vehicle GPS tracker. Personal GPS tracker is always used to keep you informed of the trace or movements of a person you care, very helpful when you have someone important face threat or possibility of getting lost. Vehicle GPS tracker could help reduce the risk of your car lose maximally as it makes your car traceable if you install such gadget.

Pinhole spy cameras are also frequently used spy gadgets. They are usually made into shapes of ordinary items like watches, hats, sockets, toys, etc. These items are very hot today, especially items from China wholesale suppliers who always offer cheap but quality electronics and gadgets.

Pinhole >spy cameras are also frequently used spy gadgets. They are usually made into shapes of ordinary items like watches, hats, sockets, toys, etc. These items are very hot today, especially items from China wholesale suppliers who always offer cheap but quality electronics and gadgets.

Spy gadgets have become essential part of our lives. They allow us to live in an easy, secure and fantastic environment.

Tech Gadgets That Represent

Today’s technology is smart and trying to help you be more productive in your day to day lifestyle. Thenew tech gadgets you see around now are super-efficient in form and function which can easily blend with your modern style of living. If you are prone to bring such fancy smart gadgets in your home and life, here’s a look at 10 high tech gadgets that have been released recently. Time to make your life a tad more easy with new technology gadgets by your side. Have a look:

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-860 Rugged Camera

The rugged exterior design of this camera can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough treatment. It comes with built in WiFi and GPS using which you’ll be able to stay up to date with connectivity.

Portable Gaming Environment by GAEMS

It’s a perfect gaming accessory you can use at dorm rooms, barracks or even use to monitor your child’s gaming time. The set allows access to gaming anywhere as well as secures your console, controllers and power supply.

XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable

This XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable can attach to a USB port right side up or upside down. Yes, that’s something Xyra has come up with which measures 1.5 mm and is 50% longer than your standard USB cables.


THE FIRST EXPRESS(a.k.a High-speed) CHARGING INTEGRATED FLASH MEMORY. BRICWAVE™ Xpress integrates its “USB flash drive” and “High-speed charging cable” features in one compact format! BRICWAVE™Xpress users can efficiently recharge mobile devices in just a fraction of the time it takes other charging cables to perform the very same task.

Smfx Smart Bulb

Take control of your home’s lighting with the Smfx Smart Bulb. Available with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, this LED-based bulb lets you adjust the brightness, color, or power status right from your iOS or Android device.

EPIC-id USB Emergency ID Wristband

You deserve to live in a safer place and this EPIC-id USB Emergency ID Wristband will help you get there. These wristbands work as handy gadgets that have been loaded with emergency medical information and makes it super easy to access by first-responders like EMTs, police and firefighters in case of an emergency.

PAVARA Sink Tidy

The FIRST ever stylish rotating sink tidy made exclusively for a modern & minimalist kitchen. Made from polished steel and finished in gloss, let the PAVARA sink tidy add a touch of resplendence to your kitchen.

JAQ – The Future of Portable Charging

The search is over – you’ll never have to plug into a power jack again. Ideal for everyday, on-the-go living, JAQ is completely off-the-grid. It’s always ready power, generated from water and salt contained in a slim power card. When the card is inserted into the charger, hydrogen is produced to fuel up the cell and power you on.


Runcible is a new category of personal electronic which occupies a space between a traditional mobile phone and a wearable device. Featuring a first-of-its-kind fully round screen and a palm-sized form factor, Runcible is modeled on devices humans have carried around with them and loved for hundreds or thousands of years: the pocket watch, the compact, the compass, the magical stone in your hand.

Designer 725 By Blendtec

SmartBlend technology, multi-speed pulse, a 100-speed touch slider, and a sleek, show-stopping design make the Designer 725 the star of any kitchen. The Blendtec Designer 725 boasts the most advanced blending technology ever seen 3.8 peak horsepower motor, Illuminated, capacitive touch interface.

Useful Little Gadgets

Electronic gadgets make our life entertaining and convenient, that’s why people are so crazy about electronic gadgets. As one kind of the most popular products around the world, they have different pricing so that almost everyone can afford one. On a big time limited promotion for Mother’s Day, has really got some products at appealing prices. Here are some useful little gadgets that can make your life easier but cost less than 1 dollar.

Cartoon heart shaped earphone, USD 0.70

Well, this earphone definitely cannot compete with all the expensive delicate earphones which cost hundred bucks. But this little earphone can satisfy your basic needs to listen to music with clear sound and fair quality. Plus, it is really cute with the heart shape and assorted colors. Actually this earphone was $83.99, but luckily it gets 99% off on a big time limited promotion for Mother’s Day on so this is really a great time to get it if you are in need of a practical earphone.

Cat Shape Hard Plastic Finger Piercer Self-Defense Keychain, USD 0.65

It looks really cute, right? It is so much more useful than it looks, especially for girls. This is a self-defense keychain that can make some serious injuries to people. You can just attach it to your keychain as a regular decoration and when some bad guys approach you, you can use it as a weapon to protect yourself. Plus, it only needs 0.65 dollar to get one thanks to the big promotion, so why not give it a shot?

Mini Egg White Separator Egg Yolk Separator, USD 0.73

This is a useful kitchen gadget which helps you to separate the yolk from egg white effortlessly. Simply crack an egg in the separator, the egg white would get through while the yolk stays. Useful, cute and fun gadgets, that’s exactly what PickEgg is providing here.

There are many other types of electronic gadgets that cost less than 1 dollar. If you are interested, you can find them on the *.99 zone from the homepage of PickEgg. All products enjoys free shipping and 45 days refund warranty and 1 year exchange.

Smart Gadgets

There are many reasons to prefer online stores instead of the local retailers for buying gadgets. Lots of options, competitive pricing and the offers like free and faster home delivery are really making the online shopping popular. You can easily find all latest models on the internet at reasonable pricing. Whether it is a Smartphone to a DSLR camera, everything is available online from your preferred brands.  In fact, some retailers are offering discounts on these products too. In the following part, you will see a quick review of two newly launched top selling gadgets.

nikon_coolpix_p610_digital_camera_black_CoolPix P610 UK Model:

This newly launched 16MP COOLPIX P610 camera loaded with many features which made it an all-rounder. Right from wild or nature photography to taking night shots, you can use this camera everywhere. Zoom is the highlighted trait of this new model as it features a 60x optical zoom and can be extended to almost 120x through Dynamic Fine Zoom. New connectivity features added to it for making it a smart choice. Let’s explore all of its features.

  1. Sensor– It continues with the back-illuminated 16.0MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS image sensor as of P600. This high sensitive sensor lets you capture better images on low light.
    1. Zoom – The NIKKOR lens made of Super ED glass with 60x optical zoom makes your photos outstanding. You can go further with the 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom feature to bring the horizon nearer.
    2. Connectivity – This camera model is packed with all advanced connectivity features ranging from Wi-Fi to NFC. Yes, it has built-in Wi-Fi with NFC like advanced technologies for one-touch connection with Android Smartphone, tablet and other smart gadgets.
    3. 1080p Movies – Nikon’s this new CoolPix P610 UK camera can record up to 1080p Full HD videos at 60fps. Its built-in smart zoom microphone lets you record the optimum sound for the movie. Do not want to miss some good stills during the recording? Use its advanced movie functions to capture the scenes as stills without disturbing the recording.
    4. Tilt LCD Screen – A high-resolution 3.0-inch vari-angle LCD screen is here that lets you capture photos without worrying for angles.
    5. Long Life Battery – Along with the regular battery charger, you are getting the micro-USB charger which enables high-speed battery charging. You can also keep capturing shots with your camera while the recharging is continuing.
    6. More Features – Panorama 360°/180° shots, Time-lapse movie, intelligent 19 Scene modes, Macro shooting mode, EXPEED C2, etc are boasted to it for capturing the finest photo and movies. Buy the CoolPix P610 UK model now to zoom into your surroundings.

Top Cool Gadgets For Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is on the way! Have you prepared nice lovely gifts for your sweety lover? Of course, suitable gifts that meet the taste of your girl friend will certainly give her a big surprise, but sometimes a romantic dinner with your thoughtful arrangement will much better to touch her heart deeply. Have no idea how to prepare a romantic dinner? Romantic atmosphere is the most important factor, why not try some cool LED gadgets to create such kind of lovely environment. Following are Top 5 LED gadgets for your choice.

Top 1 12pcs Blow Out LED Candle Candle is a necessary for a lovely dinner, and with this cute LED Candle, I believe you will have a much more successful dinner since you don’t need to worry about the wind will blows the lighted candles off all the time.

Turn the power button on the bottom, a soft light will be leaked from the candle lamp and fill the room. Some could change colors and give you a fascinating mood. You can place the LED candle to be heart shape which will be much romantic.What’s more, the LED lamp doesn’t cost the regenerating resource—petroleum and can be used many times. The only thing you need to do is replace the battery and lamp some times.

Top 2 Ocean Waves Night Light Projector with Speaker.

How about having a dinner in a glorious natural beauty of sparkling sea? That will be fantastic and will be perfect if you and your lover are ocean fans. Then try this cool gadgets with Speaker which will make your dream come true. Wow, that is so romantic to have dinner with lover while seeing the ocean and listening to ocean waves.

Top 3 Multi-colors Ice Cube LED Lights

This ice cube carry a water sensor switch that it would light up automatically once into water. It would make fabulous looking decoration for dinner and light up dinner tables and centerpieces with stunning light up cubes. That is amazing that you just have to throw the ice cube into the water, it may float on the water, or smelt apart gradually