Tips for Buying a Webcam

When it comes to electronics shopping, one cannot depend on instincts, price or trends. Today’s trend can end up being tomorrow’ bust. Plus callbacks and product returns can happen to any gadget. Pricing is often misleading. You can end up paying a lot more than necessary for something which could be replaced tomorrow. With electrical devices, one needs to be well-versed in specs. Specs or specifications can help you understand whether that device is right for you in the first place.

A camera with a low resolution is of no use to a nature photographer, who needs detailed images. Similarly a high-end camera with enhanced zoom, is not the device for your average soccer mom. One such ambiguous device is the webcam. Capturing video and transmitting it online for someone somewhere else to view is the webcameras basic function. But when buying a webcam, there are certain specs and points to keep in mind. Read on to learn how to pick the best webcam for your PC.

5 Tips for Buying a Webcam

1. Buy Based on Hardware
Based on what they are going to be connected to, webcams can be differently designed. Most laptops nowadays have a built-in webcam but older laptops and some budget models do not. So for laptops, the webcam has a clip to clip on a thin frame, which is the laptop screen. But for desktops, a webcam stand is used to showcase the webcam and is designed, such that a wide and better image is captured. The stand should be designed to sit properly on flat surfaces. This is needed in case of CRT monitors, where the webcam cannot be clipped on and is too heavy to place on the monitor itself. Laptop webcams are designed with portability in mind, so their frame is lighter and more compact. However, many do not allow tilting and panning but this feature is present in most desktop models.

2. Check for connectivity
USB, Firewire and parallel ports are the 3 possible ports that a webcam will connect to. Any recent computer has a USB port, so your computer should ideally connect to a webcam through a USB port. This is a very compatible and popular standard, check for Plug n’ Play compatibility, where you just need to plug in the camera to use it. This avoids setting it up when you need to connect it elsewhere and dealing with driver software is also avoided. Firewire is a rarer type of port, make sure your machine has such a port before buying a webcam with this sort of connecting port. Parallel ports are meant to allow older computers to connect to webcameras, as USB ports are scarce on older machines. But parallel connections are a lot slower than USB connections and can interfere or slow down other computer operations.

3. Ensure Picture Perfect Imaging
Resolution is the amount of detail or quality present in an image. The higher the resolution, the more rich and life-like the image is. So a low resolution in your webcam can mean a grainy, not-at-all clear imaging system. Most webcams have a resolution figure of 320×240 or 640×480 pixels, which allows for decent quality video and images. Some models allow for a higher resolution still imaging capture, with a factor up to 1.3 MP. High-end models allow for High-Definition capture with a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels.

Frame rate is another image factor. Video is made up of different image frames and how fast these frames can be transmitted over the Internet is the frame rate. A low frame rate means a choppy video with freezing images in the middle. Look for a frame rate per second (fps) around 30. There should be a good balance between resolution and frame rate, as it is no use if the image has a high quality but will be transmitted slowly.

The type of lens used in the webcam can make a difference in image quality. Plastic lenses are used in low-end models as they are cheaper but they can produce blurry or slightly warped images. Glass lenses capture crisp and better quality images. Plus they are not as prone to scratches as plastic lenses. The lens focus can be fixed or allow manual and automatic adjustment through software. You will be able for focus on a face or zoom out to include a group. Color or black/white image capture should also be considered.

4. Look for Perks
It’s nice to have an extra helpful feature or ability in your webcam. Automatic light adjustment ability is useful for video capture in dark or low light surroundings or for chatting outdoors. Some cameras allow auto focusing and panning and zooming abilities. If you plan to use your webcam as an amateur security camera, then motion sensing is a perk to look for. Even the webcam stand can be adjustable, so it can be aimed and pointed at from one location. An oft-overlooked perk is of audio capture. If you have a microphone on your computer, then buying a webcam with a built-in microphone is not necessary. Some models have a clip-on microphone, some need a headset to capture audio. Another perk is the bundled software provided with the webcam. Software can be diverse, ranging from sophisticated video editing and capture programs and video conferencing to simple applications like video email or messaging.

5. Consider Pricing & System Requirements
Your computer, be it a laptop or desktop, should be capable of supporting such a device. Installation of a webcam will require a minimal amount of disk space from your computer, as well as support for the bundled software and additional software you may download. The machine’s operating system and the drivers needed for the webcam need to be compatible, so check for OS compatibility at the time of purchasing a camera. Then there is your Internet connection. It is no use, having the world’s most expensive and high-end web camera, if your Internet speed is slow. A slow net connection will not be able to transmit such heavy data at a decent speed.

Price is always the “ick” factor when it comes to gadgets and the webcam is no exception. You need to make sure you get what you paid for. If you want a high-end camera, with maximum perks and features, be prepared to spend more than 100 dollars. Try to get the maximum features for the optimal price. For basic needs and usage, do not overspend, keep a budget between $50-$100. Low-end models, keep your expectations at a minimum and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Do your research well to ensure you have the ideal webcam for you. Remember to ask for warranties and store return policies prior to purchase. Don’t be dazzled by brands or fancy sales talk, keep your needs and budget firmly in mind and shop.

Use a Spy Cam Like


For most spy movies, the most popular example being James Bond, most of us would get fascinated with how they make use of their gadgets A very popular example of this is the spy camera

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For most spy movies, the most popular example being James Bond, most of us would get fascinated with how they make use of their gadgets. A very popular example of this is the spy camera. It is really fascinating how cameras would be in very unlikely objects such as the tip of pens, within neckties, buttonholes or watches and what is good is that, you can have them at the tip of your fingers.

While it is already quite amazing that you can actually be spying on some people, there are some limitations on the things that you can do. Not using spy cameras the right way could cause yo

u to be in trouble, the biggest example of this being the invasion of privacy. You have to be really careful with what you are recording with your camera.

Using Spy Camera The Right Way

While the notion of you being able to use a hidden spy cam to record things would seem very romantic, you have to be aware that you should use this for personal purposes only and not for invading other peoples privacy, even if it means your own security. This could bring about some issues and could cause you a whole lot of trouble.

A good example of this is when you put a camera in your house while leaving the kids for the nanny to watch. While this may seem harmless and would just seem like the work of a responsible parent who just care about his or her kids, if the nanny does not know that she is being recorded this is an invasion to her privacy.

To avoid any conflicts, you have to discuss with whoever it is that you plan to record that you have no bad intentions and would just want to watch over.

Get Yours Now

The notion of camera lenses that were the size of buttonholes was very futuristic until last decade. Nowadays, we have cameras that would come in almost every gadget with a screen. For cell phones, most models that come out now would already have cameras in them, so much that a camera has already been known as one of the most basic features of a cell phone, the case is also similar in laptops. So if you can have it in some gadgets, perhaps you can have it in other objects too?

If you want the ones that you find in movies, such as the ones in buttonholes, in the nose part of eyeglasses or watches, theses are also quite easy to find in fact, a walk around a tech store or some browsing over the internet would bring you to some wireless spy cams that you would really appreciate.

So if you really fancy how spies would get those cameras with movies and would want to do the same, just make sure that you abide by the guidelines shown above and you should not be in trouble. With the ease of finding one and the many things you can do with it, you are sure to have fun if you choose to get a spy camera.

Cool Gadgets From Your Local Gadget Shop

Modern gadget shop fare is somewhat advanced in comparison to the old “eyeholes in the newspaper” stuff. The budding spy can now get his or her ear attached to some of the most impressive listening device options you’ll ever see – including the “Bionic Ear”, a gadget so cool it featured high up on the Independent’s own list of the 10 coolest spy gadgets in the world. The Bionic Ear lets you tune into faint sounds at a distance of between 20 and 30 metres – and louder sounds at an astonishing 100 metre distance. With the inclusion of a monocular, which has a comparable range to the Ear; and a fine tuning capability so you can zero in on particular sounds, the Bionic Ear is king of the cool gadgets – but only one of a wide range of sound transmission choices available to the man (or woman) in the street.

The listening device you choose is dependent on the kind of surveillance you want to accomplish – and the kind of surveillance you wish to achieve is dependent on the nature of your situation. It would, for example, be inconvenient to try and spy on your boss or your other half at work by sitting on the fire escape and training a Bionic Ear at them. Far less conspicuous in this case is the Mobile Phone Spy Gadget – a superlatively cool gadget available from your local gadget shop for as little as 39.99.

The Mobile Phone gadget looks exactly like an old school Nokia. It works like an old school Nokia, too, but with one very interesting addition to its features – if you call it from a partnered phone (which you have set up), then the phone becomes a listening device, transmitting audio through to your call. Leave it in a desk drawer and you’ll be able to hear exactly what your work mates are saying to you. Drop it in your partner’s handbag or briefcase and you can hear them wherever they go.

If you want to go old school you won’t get much more covert than the “Listen Through Walls” device – a bug that allows you to hear what is being said through physical barriers like concrete walls. Simply place this cool gadget on the barrier you want to hear through, plug in the earpiece, and hear exactly what is being said next door. Simple, classic and extremely effective.

For the sci fi minded there’s little better in the gadget shop than a pair of walkie talkie watches. Slick design and modern style makes the watches the height of city slick: and a simple antenna makes them capable of sending and receiving communications over a minimum 2km operational range. The incorporated listening device has multiple channels for uninterrupted coverage; and a call alert signal to ensure that urgent transmissions are picked up quickly.

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